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The source for my inspiration comes from the people and places that surround me combined with my daily life experiences.

My passion for art started at the age of five as I couldn’t resist the urge to communicate through drawings and paintings the things
I saw and felt. Recognised and supported by my parents, I went at this young age to the drawing academy in Arendonk.

When I went to high school the decision to study art was obvious but through my high school years I felt myself strongly drawn
to different ways to unleash my creativity, besides drawing and painting. I decided to study fashion which I ended as a qualified
theatre costume designer.

Although I felt and still feel a huge affection for fashion, my first love, creation through drawing and painting, was always
waiting for me behind the corner. No other form of expression allowed me in a simular way to show me for who I am or to digest my life,
which I needed so much during the difficult periods in my life.
Therefore I decided to follow through and to fully engage myself to my paintings. This resulted in a first exposition in 2008. At that
time I think I was only creating but during the last few years I learned more and more how to express my feelings through my work what
allowed me to develop as a person, a neverending journey…

This website shows some of my work and I hope that it touches or inspires you, so please enjoy!